This site aims to be a one-stop place for people seeking to cope and hopefully conquer their severe depression after having tried most of the “traditional” approaches. Persons with mild to moderate depression could also find some useful tips and hints here but the way we will deal with the different subjects is very straightforward and we will face hard topics like madness or suicide on a regular basis.

Open-minded visitors like families, friends, doctors and other health practitioners are always welcome. This site intends to be, most of all, an alternative source of information that is usually hard to come by. All blog entries will be as objective and descriptive as possible.

This site is the result of my own personal trip through depression and it is one that has not ended as I write this. My depression is often so deep and “hard to grab” that I have seen myself forced into seeking alternative treatments many times through these 6 years of depression. I intend to share what I´ve learned and also go deep into many subjects and details I am not aware myself yet.

It has been in my lower days when I’ve asked myself in desperation questions like:

– Could this be spiritual? What does God (or whatever you beleive in) have to do with this. How does this fit in his plan?

– Can I learn to control my mind? How and why would I benefit from it?

– I am sure people in the past have suffered of this and there must have been others that tried to help them… maybe successfully. How do other ancient medicines see depression?

– Can I get any better by doing Yoga, dieting and/or meditating?

Make no mistake: western medicine states that depression is in fact an illness, and just like any illness its goal is simple: to kill the host

If you, like me, feel that alternative methods can be of help then you have come to the right place. Please, under no circumstances stop seeing your psychiatrist and make sure to share with him/her any alternatives you would like to try.

Feel like contributing as part of our staff? More hands are welcome! Feel free to write me a my nick @gmail.com.


George (bosshogg69).


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