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In many ways depression can be seen as an inability to control one’s own mind. A mind in depression goes around wandering and thinking of despair, loneliness and death as if it were powered by itself and out of any control (at least from us). So it’s my own mind that’s the enemy… but I’m […]

I’m sure this is unusual. At least I’ve never seen anyone do or have read about something relating videogames to depression in a good way. For starters let me say that many therapies work under the premise that you simply can’t have your brain thinking on really more than one thing at the same time […]

Around two years after depression started for me (back in 2004) I got a call from the first psychiatrist I went to (who by that time I had ditched) because he told me he had learned a new method of “taps”, he said. I was reluctant to go to visit him at first, since I […]



So who am I? My name is George, a 35 year-old single male. I work as an engineer in a major corporation in my native country in South America. You may wonder how I got a steady job of this type and, well, so do I. But most importantly is how I’ve managed to keep […]



Welcome! This site aims to be a one-stop place for people seeking to cope and hopefully conquer their severe depression after having tried most of the “traditional” approaches. Persons with mild to moderate depression could also find some useful tips and hints here but the way we will deal with the different subjects is very […]